Manufacturing and Light to Heavy Industrial Facilities

Many industries have a substantial presence in Arizona – including many international companies. These include companies focused on Advanced Technology and Information, Aerospace and Defense, Bioscience and Health Care, Marketing and Advanced Business Services, Optics and Photonics and Renewable Energy. Arizona is well located in the southwest to serve markets in California, Texas and Mexico – currently the world's ninth, thirteenth and fourteenth largest economies.

The Arizona Commerce Authority is the central support system and partner for business expanding, locating or starting in Arizona.
ACA lists the following incentive and programs to assist businesses:


Job Training
Quality Jobs
Qualified Facility
Computer Data Center Program
Foreign Trade Zone
Research & Development
Renewable Energy Tax Incentive
Military Reuse Zone
Healthy Forest
Additional Depreciation
Lease Excise
Sales Tax Exemptions for Manufacturing
Work Opportunity


Rev AZ
Arizona Innovation Accelerator Fund
Rev AZ
Arizona Innovation Accelerator Fund
Arizona STEP Grant
Arizona Fast Grant
Venture Ready
Venture Madness
PIII Playbook
Small Business Services
Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing Grant Competition
Certified Sites
International Trade

There are many excellent siting opportunities for manufacturing and industrial facilities in Arizona. There is abundant, reliable, cost effective electrical power through robust transmission systems. In some locations there is also access to natural gas transport pipelines.

If you need to site a manufacturing facility or a light to heavy industrial facility I can help.
Please see the Logistics section for related information.

Data Centers

Some of the fiber footprint around Great Phoenix - SRP's Fiber Optic footprint is blue and the cable internet footprint basemap is (light gray) (~2014)

The Phoenix metro area has been a popular location for siting data centers – including open, private and co-location facilities. Salt River Project (SRP) Telecom provides metro Phoenix area businesses and service providers new, optical transport service up-to-40 Gbps connecting local businesses and the region's key data center provider sites, including IO Phoenix, IO Scottsdale and the Phoenix NAP.

Arizona data centers have access to abundant, reliable, cost effective power supplies, and robust connectivity to transport / backbone fiber. Arizona also offers reliable and cost effective electricity and access to advanced fiber optic network connections and direct access to several transport / backbone fiber networks. Currently there are over 50 major data centers in Arizona. There are a few potential large developments in this sector on the horizon.

It is worth noting that Arizona has a greenfield site that is capable of hosting a world-class, mission critical data center. The site is N-4 for backbone / transport fiber; N-4 for power supply; and can offer one mile of owned / controlled buffer land around the perimeter of the data center.

If you’re looking to site a small data center or co-locate a facility I may be able to point you in the right direction.

If you’re looking to site a new medium to large capacity data center I can probably help.